True Riches

What Jesus Really Said About Money and Your Heart

- John Cortines, Gregory Baumer

3 ore 26 min

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How Are Your Finances Shaping Your Heart?

Jesus knew that how we think about money shapes our character. Our approach can make us more like him—full of contentment, purpose, and freedom—or it can cause a tragic separation from God and the joy he offers. We need a firm foundation for faith and finances. In True Riches, John Cortines and Gregory Baumer invite us to experience four transformations in our financial lives, moving from

pride to gratitude so that we see everything as a gift;coveting to contentment so that we spend wisely;anxiety to trust so that we save appropriately; andindifference to love so that we give extravagantly.Full of scripture, personal stories, and practical application, True Riches offers a clear path away from the empty pursuit of wealth and into more intimate relationship with God.

Evaluate how God can impact your finances with exercises available in the audiobook companion PDF download. PDF also includes a small group study guide.



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3 ore 26 min





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Thomas Nelson

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