The Miracles of your Mind (Unabridged)

- Joseph Murphy

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In this extraordinary book, Dr. Murphy reveals the inner workings of the subconscious mind, making it one of the most practical guides to overcoming the problems that beset humanity. The amazing results, "miracles," some might call them, reported by those who attended Dr. Murphy's lectures on The Miracles of the Subconscious Mind brought hundreds of letters from others who wanted to learn how to harness the infinite power of the subconscious mind. In this book you will find practical techniques for achieving health, wealth, peace and harmony. From the chapter on The Subconscious Mind and Health: "In using the subconscious mind you do not infer any adversary; you do not use willpower. Use imagination, not willpower. Imagine the end and the state of freedom. You will find your intellect trying to hinder you, but persist in maintaining a simple, childlike, miraculous faith. Imagine yourself without the disturbance or the problem. Imagine the emotional accompaniments of the state of freedom you desire. Eliminate all bureaucracy from the process. The simple way is always the best way." You desire a happier, fuller and richer life. Start using this miraculous power and clear your path in daily business, solve work problems and bring harmony to family relationships. Be sure to read this book several times. Let the author show you in these many chapters how this wonderful power works and how you can bring out the hidden inspiration and wisdom within you. Learn the simple techniques for impressing the subconscious mind. Follow the new scientific way to tap into the infinite storehouse. Read this book carefully, seriously and lovingly. Prove to yourself the amazing way it can help you. It could be the turning point of your life.




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