Don't Marry Thomas Clarke- Celia Hayes

Valutazione 3.8
8 ore 56 min


A feel-good romance. Sometimes true love can be found where you least expect it...

Perfect for the fans of Mhairi McFarlene and Fiona Gibson.

Thomas Clark is a wealthy aristocrat. Sandy Price was the girl next door. They grew up spending their summer holidays on the same country estate, but Sandy couldn't stand Thomas and he hasn't crossed her mind since.

Years later, an unexpected turn of events brings Thomas back into her life. At the reading of his grandfather's will, Thomas is set to inherit everything on one condition: he marries Sandy Price - otherwise the entire estate will go to charity.

Thomas must find a way to make this happen. Sandy is unemployed and trying to renovate a bistro with some friends. But at the last minute the bank withdraws its loan offer. So, when she receives a call from Thomas offering her an attractive proposal, she has no choice but to accept...

What readers are saying about DON'T MARRY THOMAS CLARK:

'I really enjoyed this book which is both clever and amusing, recommended as light reading'

'Hilarious.. I loved it. I read it twice!'

'Funny, bubbly, romantic, sweet and exciting!'





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8 ore 56 min





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Saga Egmont

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